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Geotech Drilling uses specialised equipment and techniques such as GPR and cable locators to identify and map the precise location of underground utilities.

This capability is essential for ensuring safe excavation practices, enabling us to conduct our operations with precision and efficiency.


By meticulously mapping underground utilities before drilling begins, we mitigate risks associated with accidental damage to infrastructure. This approach not only enhances safety but also minimises project delays and disruptions.


Our highly skilled operators are experts in hydro vacuum excavation, enabling us to dig quickly, safely, and accurately while causing minimal disruption to the environment and avoiding damage to any unidentified underground services.

This method involves using pressurised water to loosen soil, which is then efficiently vacuumed up into our highly portable vacuum trailers. These trailers come with tanks available in either 500-liter or 1000-liter capacities, providing flexibility for various site requirements.


Geotech Drilling offers a robust standalone concrete core drilling service, equipped with state-of-the-art machinery capable of drilling holes up to 300mm in diameter. This capability is essential for projects requiring precise and large-scale concrete coring, ensuring efficient and accurate results.

In addition to our advanced drilling equipment, we provide a portable generator solution. This generator is specifically designed for remote hole locations, enabling us to operate effectively in challenging environments where access to power may be limited. This setup not only enhances our flexibility but also ensures that we can meet the drilling needs of various projects, whether they are in urban settings or remote areas.


Geotech Drilling offers a variety of CPT cones sourced from various manufacturers, available in different sizes and sensitivities to ensure suitability for specific ground conditions at your site.

Specialising in rigs customised for challenging access sites, Geotech maintains a diverse fleet of CPT rigs. This includes the compact 1.5-ton track-mounted TMG rig, New Zealand's smallest 20-ton push-capable rig (subject to anchoring conditions), and the advanced Geomil Panther capable of handling sCPT testing at depths exceeding 50m.


All testing conducted by Geotech adheres to both New Zealand and international standards.


Sonic Drilling represents an advanced drilling technique that utilises high-frequency resonant energy, up to 150Hz, generated within the sonic head to drive a core barrel or casing into subsurface formations.

This method involves advancing a core barrel, safeguarded by a larger diameter drill casing to prevent collapse, enabling operations such as Standard Penetration Testing (SPT), thin-walled push tubes, or seamless continuation of core drilling.


Sonic drilling is particularly advantageous for environmental sites as it does not require water for advancement, ensuring a more precise depiction of soil conditions.


Geotech Drilling employs a wireline diamond drilling system on their rigs, such as HQTT, featuring a core diameter of 63.5mm and a hole diameter of 96mm.

Various drilling bits and core catcher configurations are used to retrieve core samples, adapting to the geological conditions encountered and changes throughout drilling.


This method allows for conducting SPT and push tube sampling concurrently without the need to remove the drill rods from the hole. Typical core sample sizes include HQ @ 61.1mm and PQ @ 83mm.


Geotech Drilling provides experienced drillers for hand augers and scalas. All results are logged and photos are recorded using our mobile logging app, 'Tablogs'.


Geotech Drilling owns a 6m x 6m barge designed for CPTs, Sonic drilling, or core drilling operations.


This barge can be disassembled and transported in a standard 20ft container, making it easily portable for projects across New Zealand and the South Pacific.


Geotech utilises 'Tablogs' for comprehensive on-site logging of borehole data, SPTs, soil descriptions, and photos, complemented by built-in GPS mapping. This ensures accurate and efficient results for all our clients.

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